Georgia Esoteric & Molecular Diagnostics Lab, LLC


Georgia Esoteric and Molecular Labs, LLC, located on the campus of the Georgia Reagents University, is a diagnostic laboratory developed to provide state-of-the-art
molecular diagnostics and cytogenetics. The laboratory is accredited by CLIA and the State of Georgia (GDHR) for high complexity testing. In addition, it is a Roche Molecular
Center of Excellence. Board certified pathologists and a highly trained scientific staff provide guidance for utilization of new tests and interpretation of results.

Molecular diagnostics in the laboratory is begun using the MagnPure LC for nucleic acid purification which can be done from a variety of sample types. Thermocyclers,
such as the Applied Biosystems’ GeneAmp 9700 & Eppendorf’s Mastercycler gradient, are used for general PCR & RT-PCR. Real Time PCR is performed on Roche’s Lightcycler ,
Cepheid’s Smartcycler, or Roche’s Taqman 48. Fluorescent analysis such as FRET can be achieved with the Tecan GENios FL microplate reader. Sequencing is accomplished
on the Applied Biosystems’ 3100-Avant Genetic Analyzer. FISH analysis is viewed on the Olympus BX51 using CytoVision software.


Dr. Ravindra Kolhe, MD, PhD, Medical Director, 706-721-2925
George Inman, Business Manager, 706-721-2851
Kimberly Smith, HT(ASCP),QIHC, FISH Lab Manager, 706-721-7780
Nicole Frilot, MB(ASCP), Molecular Lab Manager, 706-721-5116


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